The "Tall Women's" club

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To the extent that such a "club" exists in any particular place or locality, and we're pretty sure it does, whether it's formal club or just a group of "friends" or whatever it's called or wherever they meet.

We have reason to believe they do something to little girls with artificial and/or bovine growth hormone to "raise" new members, and some sort of FGM rite of "induction" when they come of age.

So it's a "nightclub" of sorts where they go to have fun, maybe play bingo, do their knitting, gardening etc., where husbands, boyfriends, and significant others are specifically excluded.

Politics = "the usual" pro-abortion, extreme gun control, women's sports, pro-lesbian, anti-trans, as for example Chelsea (a.k.a. Bradley) Manning would explain.

Roles of a female cop and females in government and other positions of authority for the sake of authority are important to them.

Extreme feminists. Short or average height men are "wage slaves" to them, and they "groom" men obsessively when they date and marry.

More or less lesbians in the closet, even church sisters etc., they have a place to put everybody else, with a strong tendency to gang up on unwanted men or occasionally outcaste women, "targeted individuals" in any case with all sorts of civil and criminal court trash.


Of course there are plenty of tall women who are not that clubbish or into the drug-alcohol-sex scene all the time. There are plenty of big and tall guys, confident, physically/mentally strong men etc., and they shouldn't have any more problems than anybody else, if they're not that clubbish.


And then there are tall women who are out-and-proud lesbians and have more petite partners to kiss up or suck up to them. Not sure if that ever works out because it doesn't do anything to make the tall woman feel pretty and feminine, and then the shorter or smaller woman gets tired of being abused and beaten up and it's all over. Girl fights everywhere all the time, and more and more "friends" get involved on both sides.

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