Church and state no longer separated

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At first glance it's not quite clear why the case of the worshipful football coach was ever brought up in court.

Football (i.e., American football, rugby,) or even soccer or any other such sport for that matter is not a particularly religious activity. At the same time, if the coach happens to be a religious person, no one should question his right to bow his head or offer a quiet expression of thankfulness to God.

The loud and boisterous prayers on the football field that were reported, however, do seem rather disrespectful to God, family, country, and the game.


The larger scheme of things, of course, in the conjoining of church and state is the enforcement of a Catholic prohibition on the ownership of firearms by those of other religions and most particularly Lutherans and other Protestants.

The church that joins to the state in the United States is almost exclusively Catholic except in the "high desert" parts of western and southwestern United States where it is Mormon. The Catholics are given to extreme self-righteousness and obsessions of purity, chastity, and virginity -- to the point where a woman would prefer to be a filthy slut than put up with all this holiness -- whereas Mormons are given more to overt vice, gambling, prostitution, polygamy and have welcomed considerable Native American influence on their religion, but developed excessive religious "guards" or overly prudish and severe prohibitions on such activities, which obviously are not observed 100% of the time, such as coffee or hot beverages being a "sin" -- where the real concern would be that such beverages served in a public place are quite possibly adulterated with alcohol in the vicinity of so much vice.


America's Supreme Court is now 100% Judæo-Catholic, and the Jews are not helping the situation of church versus state, as they are insistent first and foremost in defining human life to begin at birth and not at conception, and allowing any and all murder and mayhem of the unborn and even newly born as long as the paperwork for the birth certificate has not been completely filled out.


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