Antigravity and Cold Fusion Explained in Detail: A New Era in Physics. Videos Recovered

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The scientific-mathematical antigravity videos Seattle 4 Truth made back in 2012 before he took most of them off Youtube, went crazy and killed his dad. When I began recovering the videos with internet archive other parts went missing off of youtube until only part 20 remained. This is odd as Lane (Seattle 4 Truth) is in prison right now. So who else has access to his account? In the intelligence agencies they have a term for this, it's called being "over the target" NOTE: Part 3, 5 and 14 were unrecoverable using the internet archive.

I uploaded them to Bitchute and THEY made the videos invisible to the associated keyword searches. Above Top Secret prevented me from posting the video series on the older associated forum discussing it and then banned from posting. Please downloaded these videos and spread them far and wide.


Bitchute video downloader


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