Grey Commander Warns that Reptoids are the Evil Ones

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This hybrid E.T. is the daughter of a Grey father and human Native American mother.  She explains that Greys are our friends, and that the Reptoids are the ones abducting and harming humans, not the Greys.

She says tests were done on her at a secret hospital "under a big airport" (probably Denver International).

Her website:


When I worked at large, state-run mental health facility my co-workers delighted in having an elderly mentally retarded man perform the " I'm a Little Teapot " dance and song for restaurant patrons when we took the clients to town. Oh how they laughed.

When I expressed that these performances were disrespectful and undignified for a 60 year-old man to perform in a restaurant, my co-workers became angry and refuted me with the argument " He likes doing it !! It makes him happy !! ".

I would say the same thing to these old hippies who think they are doing Sanni Ceto a favor by putting her on display.

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Either this individual has studied Alien history on Earth, since the supposed Alien crash, or she's telling the truth. When she talked about how they operated the spacecraft, she said it was more mental, telepathic, or interactive.  A documentary of the UFO Disclosure Project, one person is quoted as saying, "The primary reason these universal entities are far more advanced than we are is because Interstellar civilizations use technologies that interface with consciousness and thought."

She says they were scientist sent here to observe why we were setting off nuclear weapons, which is exactly what they talk about in the UFO Disclosure Project, and why many of our attempts to test weapons in space have been disabled in inexplicable ways.

Call me crazy, but this woman makes a lot of sense... I'm in the process of watching all four videos and will certainly add them to my website,

Here's part 2 of 4 ...

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The only confirmed alien base is in Dulce, New Mexico. There are bases in other places all over the US, but that is the only one humans have gone in and talked to the public about. Greys are undoubtedly good. This woman is correct. The facilities were built by reptilians and there, they conduct experiments on their own kind, other aliens, and humans. Many children have been abducted from areas surrounding Dulce, and many people who have worked in this facility have lived to tell gruesome tales about the kinds of activity that goes on in this base.


- a pdf on Dulce and other bases found on Tor.

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This interview featuring Alex Collier is about 2 hours but it's never a dull moment, especially if you are one who believes in extra-terrestrial life in the universe. I watched it yesterday and my intention was to watch about 5-10 minutes and move on to something else, but the interview captured my attention and I could not stop watching. There's also a documentary/interview that Alex did 14 years later, in 2009, sort of like a follow-up interview. What he's saying is hard to believe at first but when you see his passion and the knowledge he drops on you, it's really hard not to believe. He talks quite a bit about the Andromedan's, and how their technology is about 50,000 years more advanced than our technology. What makes what he talks about, true for me is that when you take a telescope, go out on a clear night, you can actually see the Andromeda Galaxy, which is twice the size of our galaxy, so you know somethings going on up there; you know it's all kinds of different beings that exist in such a vast part of the cosmos.


In the interview done 14 years later, he mentions that some of the technology, such as space travel and the ability to travel from one Solar System to another, we have that capability (see TR-3B or Astra) but it's hidden from the American public.


When/if you have the time, and you're interested in the Cosmos and Thinking Beings that occupy the Universe, this is a must see video.

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