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I have been researching the grand conspiracy for some time..
I know I am not alone in my thoughts that all religions are all part of the same conspiracy. I believe they have all been created for the simple purpose of causing wars, each one getting more heinous and devastating. Till eventually the nukes get dropped, (which let’s face it, is a matter of time) causing billions of deaths which will give reason to bring about the New World Order. They will come in as heroes, claiming the world needs to be saved from itself, but this will definitely not happen until a fare few billion are dead. Whether they will try to force a new or existing religion on the world, I can’t make my mind up yet.

Religion is control, it teaches pure hatred without real reason, while convincing people they are right and doing good. Both sides of all these wars and destruction are funded by the same people. They sit back and watch two sides, both certain they are right and doing for the greater good, fight to the death! Then they move on to the next war..

This is where my opinions go against the writings.

The money trail leads to Zionism, yet the writings suggest the big boys, the Illuminati (operate under many different names nowadays and a LOT of evidence links them directly to the freemasons) are Satan worshippers..
I find it hard to believe that the people controlling these wars and religions actually believe in a religion themselves. If they do, it proves they are in fact just as deluded as the ones they control and it will be their downfall.


A human being is never more dangerous than when they are convinced beyond doubt that they are right.
This is the powerful tool cleverly used to control entire nations and is slowly but surely destroying our world forcing us in to a desperate need of help. This will be there, as the New World Order.

My question is, do other Atheists agree?
And theists, how do you feel about what I have just said?



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There is not one, monolithic group of Elites attempting to control the world.  There are factions that sometimes fight each other, and sometimes cooperate.


I've been studying conspiracy stuff for thirty years.  It really is like The Sopranos television series, nothing more elaborate or sophisticated than a bunch of thugs using violence and subterfuge to compete against other thugs for power.  People like us get caught in the middle.


(If you've not seen The Sopranos, it's really good.  Download here.)


Like most things in the world, Religion is not all bad or all good.  A shovel can be used to dig a well, or chop off a little girl's head.  Shovels aren't inherently bad or good.  Same with religion.  Same with atheism.



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I did forget to mention, I know I’m speaking like what I say is the truth, it is however of course just my opinion based on a lot of research. I am not preaching anything here. It’s always just good to hear what others think.


I don’t think there are many factions. I believe there is two; those who are a part of the grand conspiracy, and those who are against it.


I haven’t seen the sopranos no, I don’t really have time to watch it all either, but I will aim to one day. I understand the simile though. I hope you understand that it is all happening on a much larger scale and has been in the planning for thousands of years. Thirty years research must have got you more than comparing it to a simple tv show?


You can’t really compare religion to a shovel. Other than the fact they are both tools. A shovel has no scriptures, no teachings, and no absolutes. It is just a shovel. Religion is a way of life for billions of people and makes people believe they are evil and will be punished for all eternity if they do not obey

I do of course understand the goodness that comes from religions and the moral guidelines they project.  However I feel all the goodness if for the wrong reasons if people are doing it for the will of a mythical being, the fear of eternal damnation, and of course the promise of eternal reward.
I define morality as; doing for the greater good with no promised reward and no threat of punishment if not. Nothing is truly good unless it is done for no other reason than that it is just the right thing to do.

As for Atheistic evil ways, I haven’t learned any, but I guess this brings me back to my original thinking that it would indeed be atheists controlling the religions, which is probably far easier than we may think. This of course would be the supreme evil, and one could not blame the evil of the religious people as they are all just helplessly deluded. However this would not excuse the evil itself. And unless you class every religions person as insane, then every person must be held responsible for their actions.

Most of the world is being controlled by lies. Yes, I understand the goodness that comes from religion, but I also understand the irrational hatred and deluded evil too. Which outweighs the other?

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Thirty years research must have got you more than comparing it to a simple tv show?
Funny isn't it? ;)
I studied all these candidates, and variations of them, in depth:
  • Jesuits
  • Super-Jews
  • Akhenaten's pharonic bloodline
  • Fourth Reich Nazis
  • Reptilian 4th Dimensional Entities
  • Satan worshipers
  • Alien Annunaki
  • Dispensational Christians
  • Fabians at Oxford
  • Bavarian Illuminati
  • Luciferians
  • Communists

My research showed that even though some of these groups are indeed sometimes involved, the Global Conspiracy is really nothing more elaborate or sophisticated than a bunch of thugs using violence and subterfuge to compete against other thugs for the power to farm humans.


I beg you to watch this 13-minute video, as Molyneux sums it up brilliantly:





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I don't believe in any over-arching conspiracy theory. But, I will reply to your question to atheists. I do think religion is not a good thing, overall. The reason is, it isn't founded in reality but is based on faith which is a deliberate setting aside of reason. That is why it is not a force for good in the world.

As far as control goes: there are and have always been people who are power-mongers. Usually it is like a gang, like the Sopranos or any other thugocracy that ends up in power because of democratic rule. IE: the majority if given the chance, will always band together to enslave the minorities. That is the problem with democratic rule. In the U.S. our founders tried to set up a balance of power between branches and limit the use of democracy to specific areas. Over time, more and more democracy has been injected into the system and we can see the resulting thugocracy that has formed.

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Where I am living now, there's not much evidence of any conspiracy of any kind. Just groups of people trying to make a good life for themselves in one way or another. Some groups think that their way is better but that doesn't stop the other groups from thinking the same way, too, about the other groups' way of life. I am still searching for a universal way of life that's applicable to everyone everywhere. Maybe there isn't such a thing but that doesn't stop me from searching. If I stop searching then I feel I would be passing through this life no different from all the other animals.

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This is for those people who do not identify with Atheism or Religion. The mind is energy and has the power to change matter. Matter is the physical manisfestation of energy. Awaken and realize the Divine Nature of Yourself. Awareness brings realization. Realization causes an Awakening. Awakening will bring you to an enlightened state. In the "Light" you will find your truth and finally you will know that the POWER is within YOU. Go beyond where you are told to go.


For those that refer to themselves as Christians, Muslims, or any other Theist:


You are creating your future by buying into prophetic disasters from the book of revelations and other self-fulfilling prophecies. You are literally going to create your own demise because you subscribe to archaic dribble that says you are not mature enough, or grown-up enough to take care of your own selves, so you need somebody to come in, and take care of you - you need a Savior. This is a recipe for disaster!

Who would want to come here and save us from ourselves? If that were the case, this "Savior", from that point forward, would tell you what to do. Why? Because you have to evolve to where you understand your own power, otherwise, if it's "given" to you by some omnipotent Savior, you'll quickly lose it again. You are not taking responsibility for yourself. Any Divine Plan is based on freedom. A "Savior" that comes to Earth and implements a government to "save us", your freedoms would be taken away. Stop looking outside of yourself for help.


We also need to understand that we're all in this together. In order to survive, in order to overcome the maleficent forces in this world, being on one accord is an absolute necessity. 

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Hey all, and sorry I have taken so long to reply, I don’t get as much time as I would like on here!
Right so firstly, …. you certainly seem more educated than me on the subject, and that video was fascinating however not really new news to me, I had just never heard it, as you said, so brilliantly summed up. A part of it got me thinking though, when he mentions about it coming to a destructive climax, coming to an end. Do you not think this suggests there is a grand scheme behind it all? It’s by no means a crazy thought to suspect that, yes there are a fare few separate ‘human farms,’ and people fighting for them, and also one big owner of them all.

Here’s a link to what was a life changing document for me. It will probably be nothing new to you, but please have a read and try to understand where I am coming from.

Maybe I just want there to be more than ‘thugs fighting for power.’ It seems the more I learn about humans, the more I am ashamed to be one. What you’re saying of course would make sense too. After all, those who are truly good do not want war, like I have said in a rhyme of mine. “Think about it, in war only the sickest will win / then take control, there’s the reason for this sickness we’re living in.’


I see what you are saying about democracy. But I would like to think if the voice of the majority actually got heard, it wouldn’t be quite so. I could argue with myself on this one. I am from England (I say from England because I am ashamed to call myself English) where (apparent) democracy has been the rule for too long, now what we have is Islam slowly but surely taking over the country, spitting on the English way of like and preaching we’re dammed to hell. We also have a coalition government, which we didn’t actually vote for. So the amount of actual democracy is not quite clear anywhere.
I think what you are saying is a brainwashed idea that has been planted in to you like any religion would tell you if you don’t believe you are evil. You seem to believe that as a whole human beings are evil. We need a ruler. I don’t believe that. I believe, like I just said, it’s just hard for the good to be heard and have rule. 10,000 good, righteous, hardworking, loving, friendly, compassionate, rational and downright decent people will debate peacefully to come to conclusions for the greater good. 1 evil man will drop a bomb on them all. Do you know what I mean?



I’m sorry to say but I don’t think there is a universal way of life that's applicable to everyone everywhere. But I would not feel my passing through life was no different from any other animal. Your life is amazing, enjoy every second.
Personally I embrace different ways of life. Yes there are things I may not particularly like about certain ways of life. But I also can’t dismiss it as wrong. We all just have to be more understanding of the vast diversity of different cultures, and stand up strong for what is right, and make it known where there is wrong and do everything in our power to end that wrongness.



Right, this last piece I found kind of genius!
But firstly, I have to say. To “not identify with Atheism or religion” doesn’t make sense. If you do not identify with religion, you are Atheist. It is not a way of life. It has no teachings or scriptures. It is nothing more than a life without the chains of religion, so I see myself as awakened in many ways and I am fully aware that all the power I need is in me. I am only an ‘Atheist’ by a ‘theists’ categorization. I (probably like most other Atheists) dream of a day that all religions are abolished and this word, Atheism, be lost in history, along with its opposite. Do not assume I am some closed minded fool who can’t see the ways of the world, trust me my eyes are wide open, and I will try to wake others up as I am. If I can help just one person free their minds then I will be a success.

What you said to the theists was truly brilliant. And I hope any who read it understood it fully.


“We also need to understand that we're all in this together. In order to survive, in order to overcome the maleficent forces in this world, being on one accord is an absolute necessity.”

This single accord must be one of truth and honesty, reason and compassion.


If you believe in a religion, you are living to die. A life spent practicing ways because of promise for reward after this life, is a life wasted. If you live for your next life, you will miss this one.

Your only one.



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  • 8 months later...

We can tell they are all the same root bloodline , for a numder of reasons...


Pharaoh would spread his seeds far and wide. This is recorded.


Rome was an ad-hoc empire; the pharaoh while performing his ritual

would look into the future and see the demise of his pagan religion.


Rome was then a mere platform for the christ story.


The jews took all their customs and administration and kingship,

and circumcision, anointing - you name it.


The jews are not as we think, but a branch of pharaoh - just like Rome

and Khazars and ancient royal Brits/irish.


Pharaoh was the first recorded royal and they formed the first

secret brotherhood where only royal blood plotted and planned.


Remember all the pyramid texts which mention that the royal

bloodline would go on for millions of years.


The only way to stop them, is to demand declaration of any secret society,

and force illuminati members to have DNA tested against pharaoh.


This will then prove they have been complicit and planning ,

for 7000 years or more. One long planned royal family all

complicit in the grand scheme.



The followers of horus [ children of pharaoh ] , i trust have been helped

along, by an external race.


But at the same time, we have good visitors also, who do not

want any atom bombs causing chaos in the cosmos,

should the earth explode. They are waking us up , to this

history so that we demand declaration of this ancient royal



There is always more good than bad - it must be time for the

minority to give up power and we could do this if we just

stay calm and don't let me provoke us into chaos, so they

can implement another world order.


If we all read from the same book and see the plain truth,

our demands cannot be ignored.

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