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Hey. Saw this on another forum site and thought I'd share, figured some of you might be interested in seeing this. Theres a cam girl website that has video chat rooms. When you register and then search for the chat room called "Illuminati" you're taken to a room that, instead of a cute girl doing her thing, is a video loop. On the video is a bunch of symbols that flash in and out, and some child's voice talking about the NWO and about "Illuminatus." Not sure if its a hoax or what, but it creeped me out. Heres the pastebin with details and instructions about the site and stuff. Let me know what you think please. Is this the real illumianti?


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Guest Guest

The Satanic / Scientologist / Socialist NWO Conspiracy of the Learned Elders of Scientology
and Their Puppets, the alleged Patriots Who Betrayed Us.

"Who controls the past, controls the future: who controls the present controls the past."

            George Orwell, Nineteen Eighty-Four.

"A nation...cannot survive treason from within...the traitor ...wears the face of his victims,
...and he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of
a nation—he works secretly...he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer
is less to be feared..."

                                        - Cicero, 42 B.C.E.

"Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities."

                                        - Voltaire.

Satanist Aleister Crowley had a 'spirit guide' named 'Lal' (meaning 'The Way'), which looked
almost identical to the small grey aliens of current UFO conspiracy folklore.(1) Another source
calls this entity "LAM". "In 1947, when Aleister Crowley died, he left behind a sketch of one
of the "Secret Chiefs", Crowley's invisible mentor that he called LAM. The sketch looks like a
Grey Alien." (Source: Wikipedia biography of Aleister Crowleys' alien controllers called the "Secret chiefs").(2)

The 'chain of command' of the forces of evil on planet Earth looks like this:

"The Secret Chiefs"    (Small Grey Aliens).
"Lal" / "Lam"        (Aleister Crowleys' small grey alien 'spirit guide').
Aleister Crowley    (Psychotic bisexual drug addicted Satanist 'inspired' by "Lal" or "Lam" small grey alien).
Jack Parsons        (Satanist / NASA rocket engineer. Disciple of Crowley. Mentor of L.Ron Hubbard).
L.Ron Hubbard        (Satanist / founder of The Church of Scientology. Fraud. Liar. Fantasist. Egomaniac, Demagogue).
Duncan Michael Roads    (Scientologist. Nexus magazine editor. Profits financially from the worldwide 'NWO/UFO conspiracy' industry. Supporter of Muammar Gaddafi).
Muammar Gaddafi        (Socialist dictator of Libya. Revolutionary socialist 'hero' of Duncan Roads / Robert Pash).
'Rashid' Robert Pash    (New Dawn magazine editor. Published pro-socialist Libyan propaganda with his friend Duncan Roads. Pash visited North Korea as a 'guest').
David Icke        (Self proclaimed 'Son of God'.'Reptilian shapeshifter conspiracy advocate'. His witness later recanted her 'testimony' due to her mental illness. A perennial fantasist. Icke claims to be in communication with Jesus and "Rakorski" or God). ""Once we free our souls, the hierarchies of all religions, the Muslim hierarchy, the Jewish hierarchy - I call them 'OppoSames' - can't touch us."
John Lear        (Alien UFO bases on the Moon advocate. Unable to produce proof of his claims. Suspected CIA/NSA operative).
Douglas Dietrich    (Former US soldier who worked as a propagandist for Saddam Husseins' socialist Ba'ath party dictatorship of Iraq in the 1980s).
Peter Alan Sawyer    (Scientologist? Roads associate. Infiltrated The Australian League of Rights on behalf of Scientology in the 1980s).
David Hatcher Childress    (Liar/Fraud. Claimed ancient Egyptians had electricity and power tools. No actual proof of his claims).
Zechria Sitchin        (Liar/Fraud. Claimed ancient Sumerias' 'gods' were aliens. Lied about clay tablet translations. No actual proof of his claims).
Marcus Allen        (Marcus Allen of Nexus magazine UK. UFO conspiracy freak. Scientologist. Roads' employee. Publishes liars and frauds like John Lear).
David Miscavige        (Fuhrer of the Church of Scientology. Known for his violent temper, assaults of other Scientologists. His own neice claims he is a 'dictator').
Mark Koernke        (Associate of both Roads and Oklahoma bomber Timothy McVeigh. McVeighs' Oklahoma bombing killed 168 of his fellow Americans including 16 pre-school aged children).
Christopher Monckton    (Climate change denier. Supported by Scientologists and LaRouches' Citizens' Electoral Council cabal including Steven and Ann Lawler).
Welf Herfurth        (Scientologist? German-born. Indoctrinated in Iranian revolutionary ideology. Infiltrated Australian Democrats and Frederick Tobens' Adelaide Institute).
Islamacists        (Gaddafi-inspired Islamacist terrorists, murderers, drug traffickers, child molesters, rapists, Al-Qaeda, Taliban, Boko Haram).
Dr Jim Saleam        (Grandson of a Muslim. Closet Muslim. Pissweak patriot. Satanist/Scientologist/Socialist collaborator).
Bill Kaiser        (United Australia. Satanist/Scientologist/Socialist NWO collaborator. Traitor, Pissweak patriot).
Ron Owen        (Ten Pound Pom import who spent most of his life telling other people what to believe in. Lock, Stock and Barrell publisher. Mentor of other NWO traitors).
Norm Segal        (Queensland-based Loyal Constitutional Army of SSS NWO collaborators committed to betraying their own people to the same NWO they claim to hate, fear, despise and loathe. Pissweak patriots).
Anthony Ronald Pitt    (Confederate Action Party propagandist. Tool of Rupert Murdoch and the IPA. NWO weapon of mass disinformation. Traitor).
Peregrine Perry Jewell    (Confederate Action Party propagandist. Tool of Rupert Murdoch and the IPA. NWO weapon of mass disinformation. Traitor).  
John Goldsmith        (Confederate Action Party propagandist. Tool of Rupert Murdoch and the IPA. NWO weapon of mass disinformation. Traitor).  
Henrick            (Vancouver, Canada Scientologist. David Icke supporter. Shapeshifting lizard conspiracy believer).
Aldis Erics Ozols    (Scientologist tool. Infiltrator. Traitor. Fraud. Nexus Nazi Nitwit).
Alex Jones         (American radio shock jock. 5 million listeners. Jones "had personally organised the re-building of David Koreshís Branch Davidian church at Mount Carmel in Waco." according to Jon Romson).
Joe Vialls        (Scientologist or 'tool' of Scientology. Infiltrated The New Citizen newspaper / organisation. Lifelong liar and propagandist for Scientology and SSS NWO. Probable Scientologist. Total fraud).
Ian Bruce Bell        (Scientologist. Infiltrator of the Australians Against Further Immigration / Australia First cabal on behalf of the SSS NWO. Fraud. Liar. Linked to Nexus and Roads' 1998 'UFO' tv program).
Graeme Campbell        (ALP politician. Australia First/One Nation member. Associate of Scientiologist 'tool' Ian Bruce Bell and the League of Rights).

Wherever these people go, whatever they do, death, destruction and a diabolical deception follow in their wake. By their deeds, you will know them.
They have betrayed God, Planet Earth and Humanity in  favour of 'the dark side', the evil aliens, satanaism, Scientology and the socialist New World Order.


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Well I have a problem with the ILLuminati sending groups to Hyjacked Ppls homes.Sre we Puppet s?. I can tell you a True story.

Go on Way

Read post & view live home video.

Speaking of Terriost

Bruce my he is being Hyjacked by Cowards that hides themselves.They Rape,Beat,Burn,Mind Control & won't leave.May God Be my Witness.

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Lots of disinformation about Illuminati. Religious institutions fear and bastardize any thoughts of a NWO because they will not be tolerated if such were to come to pass and we enter a new age of reality and enlightenment. Even those selected by Illuminati for critical skills are unaware of their selection until the shadow government comes to power to resurrect humanity from the ashes of their own foolishness. Those who know do not speak and those who speak do not know. You will never see or hear anything relevant to the real Illuminati. Their only mission is to salvage the remnants of civilization following a self-destruct act of stupidity.

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