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I still remember it vividly. My 1st husband and I and our 2 children has just moved to Oklahoma (Owasso, near Tulsa) a week before this happened. At the time it really affected us because we were staying with my grandparents, and my grandma worked for the government (veterans department). When the bombing occurred, all the payroll records were lost and no government employee got paid that April or the following May before they got things put back together. 


I didn't actually see the site until a few years later when we took some kids there on a field trip (I was a college tutor at the time). You hear all the stories and the whispers, and you don't want to believe it. Although I live in Canada now, when I was younger and still in the US I was indoctrinated from a young age (like everyone else in America) to be devoutly patriotic. You just don't want to hear the whispers that the government you've always put your faith in is actually corrupt and self serving.


Anyway, it was all but proven that not only did the state government and city government get multiple believable warnings that the attack was going to occur, but that their federal offices in the building were somehow empty that day so none of them died. Take from it what you will, but when government officials secretly believe a warning and hide but don't bother with the safety of the other occupants including the day care with several children present, that's a sickening coverup in my book.

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I think you are right on with this ! I remember when it happened, and I was reading the first reports from soe of the people that were there that day. They said that when they were doing to work, there were ambulances and a fire trick right near the building' in a parking lot, or someplace similar, and they wondered what ad happened for the emergency people to be there. Not seeing anything happening, they went on to work, it it is pretty obvious that the emergency fire and ambulance were there so as to be in place when the bombing happened.

I have also read that the main people knew in advance that something was happening that day, and didn't go in.

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So, this is opening up another possibility. Perhaps the government is not directly involved in the bombing in Okhlahoma or what happened on 9/11. Perhaps all they did was allow it to happen, for reasons best known to them. That still makes them guilty, right?

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Government cover-ups and corruption is nothing new. It's been going on for the past couple hundred years, if not longer. The last president that tried to do right by the American people was John F. Kennedy. Kennedy abolished the "Secret Government", better known as the Special Operations Coordinating Group within the National Security Council. This is the group that denied Carter, Clinton, and any other president who requested information about UFO documents.

Dwight Eisenhower informed Kennedy that this "Special Operations Group" is the area where he lost control. So after taking office, one of the first things on JFK's agenda, was to disband the Special Ops Group associated with the National Security Council. After Kennedy's assassination, Lyndon Johnson reinstated the group.


Kennedy also issued Executive Order 1110. This order would eliminate the Federal Reserve and restore the power of money creation to Congress. Kennedy authorized the Treasury to issue silver certificates. President Kennedy placed nearly $4.3 billion in U.S. notes into circulation in 1963 silver dollars. Five months later, he was assassinated. This is just the tip of the iceberg about your American Government, as corrupt as the day is long, or short.

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