How will we stop Globalization Terrorism?

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Apparently terrorism comes in many forms, from what I’m witnessing on World News Topics.

America’s news talks very little about the Costco Hepatitis A outbreak that has affected 120 people and counting. First, talking about Townsend Farm in Oregon then the Hepatitis A was traced back from pomegranate seeds in Turkey or the Middle East?


Now I’m learning there have been other outbreaks in other country, Europe had like six countries affected by it, appeared to be the same (proto-type) diseases as here in America? And I’m just learning also British Columbia last year had the same diseases. So, I ask how do we stop “globalization terrorism” or can us stop it.


It appears to be all connected Townsend’s Farm in Oregon to Costco, Europe and British Columbia and Turkey are the pomegranate seedlings of this conspiracy? Their pointing at Turkey as the main culprit.  


I mean, it’s pretty scary. I was in my break room at work and one manager said he had those "exact berries" in his refrigerator! I let him know to throw them away. Another person at work I told the story too, she had no clue about the frozen berries story, 2 out 10 people knew.  That shows there’s a news problem and it’s not getting out enough to the people here in America or the world is my guess.


I think Costco is working hard with the mainstream media in keeping this Hepatitis A disease out of the news! That’s the same as trying to deny the outbreak. That’s just plain Fraud!


My concerns are that globalization terrorism will get so powerful in this world, like it has, that nobody will be ready for this monster when it comes. You can have the FDA and the CDC do all the checking they want. But they can’t go over into other countries and check. It’s more like sign and take their word!


Globalization Company’s like Costco are going to make sure the news and media don’t run the story like they would, “The Boston bombers,” because there are only two guys, their pointing the finger at, instead of a Globalized Company who can stop the press like Costco….


The world should start to fear “globalization power,” because it’s going to bring us are worst nightmares!





Fox Muldeer


News Investigator



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Apparently terrorism comes in many forms...


Selling defective products is not terrorism.  It's fraud.


The terror comes when you implement the natural free market remedy for fraud and set up a competing business across the street selling food, but men with guns employed by giant transnational corporations wearing badges shut you down.


You need more free market freedom.

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