Anti illuminati! Awakeness - Getting rid of the elite

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Ladies and gentlemen,

It`s time to speak out, it`s to late to be quiet!
We need to stand as one if we want to accomplish freedom and peace, it`s time we stop listening to the higher elite dividing us, all they do is spread hate and turning us against each other because they are afraid we join our forces!!!

I`m coming out with my freedom of speech.. are you?


Please share!


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One of many cool videos out there right now.. And quite right mate, the world is bubbling up more than ever before..

.. The revolution is coming. Make sure you're on the right side, and that you know exactly what you're marching for..


I know what I stand for

I am legion

I do not forgive

I do not forget

Expect me

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Expect me


Talking of that.  Do you remember a few months back videos of nuclear weapons and encrypted files been distributed that were the "warheads"  then nothing?  Operation Last Resort wasnt it?   More like Operation Flop..


Then we have PRISM and a real reveal from Snowden, see fhe difference?


A few people said Anonymous were CIA, I suspect that is the true and they are false flag to bring in controls of the internet.

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Hmm, something I may have overlooked..
.. I seriously doubt it was the CIA that founded the idea though, they surely wouldn't bring so much heat on themselves.. There is for sure some involvement from the CIA now, trying to make out that the anonymous movement is nothing more than terrorism (what else right?) hackers and religious nuts trying to create chaos.


There is an operation in motion to help keep people on the right track ..


.. Me.. I stand for peace, truth and justice, not chaos. The harsh reality however is that peaceful protesting gets laughed at by the elite, they know full well it makes no difference.. zero! So what can we do?! I don't have a plan yet. But I know when they day comes, and it is coming, I will be standing for what is truly right and for the greater good when I grab my mask and march the streets of my city.

.. And that's what I mean by 'expect me.'

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Depending on one's perspective; who some may label as "terrorists," are freedom fighters to others. Everyone has to decide for themselves where their line in the sand is. But inevitabily, at some point, actions speak louder than words, particularly when protesting isn't doing a damn bit of good, particularly when considering that the votes are rigged and the Supreme Court is bribed or threatened / blackmailed by TPTB (the powers that be), rendering all outlets for social justice that are promised us in the constitution null and void. I'm not advocating violence, but merely pointing out some facts. Writing your misrepresentatives, at this point, is moot. That leaves few options other than taking actions that get the point your trying to make across loud and clear. Community organizing can be quite effective, if done properly. Read Rules for Radicals by Saul Alinsky. Regardless of what change you want to take place, there are certain ways of going about it that are more effective than others. And always remember, you can draw more flies with honey than you can vinegar. ;)

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I'm writing a novel concerned with illuminati. It's an Action, Adventure, Conspiracy theory novel and I want to help as much people realise the truth about these families working behind the scenes. Reason why I'm posting this that I need help in gathering information starting with Krupp family, I checked a site which had their family tree but by the time I got to the Latest Generation of the family, there were about 4 or 5 five of them. And each one said 'Living Krupp'. Now if you guys could help me find these names and their respected job designations (if any).

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People do not have time for books - it is a matter of urgency for people to grasp

the intentions, in as few sentences as possible -


They intend to destroy to economy, the church, the harmony of the people.


We should remain calm, for once in our evolution, rather than rise

to their provokations, which brings chaos and the implementation of another world order.


Each new order, millions of people perish. Then lets frustrate them and let them provoke

themselves into acting unlawfully first - let us exploit their emotions for a change.


Expose their true colours for the world to see.

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