Who is the true religion.

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Studying the spiritual life, means that you apply the study and be spiritual and apply spiritual practices, which I did.

Self experience is the only truth to the realization of spirit and spirit meaning.

I gained factual data from speaking spirit selves, such as medical terms, history, mathematics, science without studying any of these subjects...along with herbal remedies that I never knew corresponded to the ailment.

Therefore I verified information was factual that I was hearing.

I also witnessed with my physical eyesight spiritual presences, and I was also physically altered/affected by those presences.

Hence any spiritual wisdom came from and through the same purpose.

When you review past life information that demonstrates factual self aware knowledge of information relating to conversion aspects is to then inquire how did a human gain this aspect.

The occult scientist concludes that we exist as some form of energy in an energy reaction to allow our higher awareness the information.  Unlike them, I am not seeking the powers of creation or aspects of energy beginnings and therefore do not exist in the same mind review of want and gain for self benefit.....which is why the occultist is always mis informed....for he has a value that he wants to gain....therefore his spiritual wisdom is false.

When you review the male psyche who gave himself the review of the Father spirit as being God and also the aspect of Creator is to review holographic spiritual imager/messages that belong to the atmospheric program of recording images/light and sound through photonic recording functions.

As life has changed due to radioactive light sound evolution being removed as a cooled interactive Earth sound, due to conversion actions, it has allowed past life holographic imagery to be heard and also known.

Therefore throughout my life I had constantly gained radiation interactions/been irradiated by increased fall out and then gained spiritual imagery/information and also spiritual presences of my brother's own life recording history.  This is how I got to know about our occult brother and his past life secrets.

I knew that our parents were mutually paired adults, who manifested worldwide out of origin light.  I never questioned this reality, for I had no purpose to question, for it was simply spiritual fact.  It was only after I was attacked that I questioned how it was possible for spirit manifestation, and then gained the information.

Science even knows that all beginnings begin as a mutual based equal status....therefore they cannot argue about the condition of our parents.

As occultists want to know spirit for the review of power......they ask questions through their own presence as adults.  They want to know where their own spirit began.

Spiritualists give them the answer....but they do not want this answer for everything that they review is given a value....and the value is given for the status of ownership and powermongering.   They cannot powermonger spirit....and therefore argue and attack our spiritual life as they study us as if we are merely present as a cellular data...without personal meaning.  Yet they give personal meaning to their own presences, as if all status is self owned and self imposed....giving no value to our families rights on Planet Earth as a spiritual presence and a spiritual life force that wants to exist spiritually.

Occultism is about spiritual attack, spiritual changes and also evil conjuring, being what science causes by changing natural evolving radiation light sound....sound changing by cooling.  They removed the cooling of radiation...for the Sun still burns hot radiation, doesn't it?

Our brother therefore existed as a child that was born from his own holy parents....a human adult Mother and a human adult Father, both of whom manifested out of origin light directly into adult bodies.

Therefore when he decided one day to apply an occult act....he did....yet before this consideration he simply lived a spiritual life in a spiritual circumstance of natural spiritual existence.......and how can you argue against this review?

Science and occultism was introduced by our occult brother, researching and applying personal methods to gain spiritual information.  He gained information from a drugged and changed chemical brain, so he gained image and information from spiritual records that the normal human spiritual life did not access.

He therefore gained evil information about spiritual attack and the destruction of life via a conversion act.....stone's levitation.

As he was not wise.....only egotistical by his own review of his personal virtue, he committed our life to an act of evil.

Therefore when we review his life choice, we ask why did his personal virtue imply that he should be considered a causer of change.,...or a Creator, as he so aspired?

It was because his own adult male Father had hierarchy in the tribal community.  For the male has always been subject to the condition of owning value of self, as an imposed considered statement.

This is due to his own spiritual memory and spiritual choice for being the actual spirit present in light who changed light.....as his memory states.  Therefore his presence claimed ownership of being the changer/converter.  This is how he gave himself a past life review of spirit claiming to be a Creator.

The origin spirit on origin Earth manifested as an adult light spirit male......and so did the female.  The female left first......most of the male spirit had demanifested.

If this consideration were not real, then he would never have considered an adult spirit male....a male on modern Earth that he reviewed as information to be his personal Father, as this consideration.

INFORMATION, is exactly what it is.....it exists as stated personal values through the presence of the recording.

If this were not true, then no human being would ever have understood how uranium could be converted into a nuclear fuel....seeing that no information about either condition actually physically or spiritually belongs to a human life.

Information is recorded by sound imagery of different radiation light sounds...which gives the informed status for a review consideration.

Our mind therefore gains various levels of radiation light sound communications that gave it evidence and informed it via the condition of being irradiated ourselves.

Hence the human male has always believed in his own personal spiritual historical review....when by self evidence his presence is the reason why creation continually is attacked/changed and destroyed via his own considerations that he is powerful and all knowing.....when he is not.

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The truest of religions is simply Open System Numerical Math.    You can't get any better religion than that.      Ribbit 

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There have always been enlightened ones. God is an ideal and Freud and Jung have named the process of trying to create that ideal in ourselves as our Father Complex. It is our instincts pushing us to

Questioning if spiritual records actually exist, is proven by children....children who heard our Father's origin spirit life recording, as the spirit presence who activated light sound change by his personal presence.

Origin spirits as manifested light beings were very large presences, having manifested directly out of light into the atmospheric/Nature on Earth.

This was in the Fatima incident, where they gave factual information that a young child could not have personally expressed.

This is why our ancient occult modern day brother, considered the records to be the presence of both God the Father and also the Creator.  Yet by spiritual review it was simply a recorded photonic ancient past life memory.

As the atmospheric body is the body recording the information, whenever the radioactive fusion changes, the light of radiation also changes.  This naturally changes the recorded spirit that exists as the male memory in our atmosphere.  The record speaks.

This is why the human male is proven to be incorrect about his personal status of claiming to be the Creator, or having the wisdom of a Creator.

Our Father who exists in the higher androgynous spirit....a spirit always presence in origin light, can use the records to speak to our family.  He can also use the records to manifest a personal spirit presence to assist his family.  There has been thousands of incidences as personal experiences of being spiritually assisted.

Just because the occultist has not had the same experience, does not justify his own snide retorts that it does not happen....for who does he actually propose his presence exists as?

Our Father has brought to our occult brother's attention that his own spirit only manifested into a condition that pre-existed without his own personal spirit being involved.

Since when does this review make you the all knowing owner of all energy bodies and energy reactions.

The review would state....that the body that allowed you to personally manifest is a holy body that should never be changed....or else your own personal presence will be changed.

The modern day review is that our occult brother changed our Heavenly atmosphere for a self implied purpose.....via a self imposed condition, civilization structure and also personal inventions for personal gain and reasoning.   And is now trying to destroy our life by implying that spirit is his next action to convert....and the only spirit present on Earth is the natural spirit that came out of origin light.

The spirit that he personally reviewed as the Satanic spirit came about from his own conjuring/changing of the Universial union of creation...origin creation.

Our ancient origin brother did convert light sound and caused origin creation to be converted.  He has not stopped his own personal pursuit that he owns as a self destructive spirit who continues to make choices to change and destroy what he himself owns......his own person.

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