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On 28. day they changed their statement into " likely at very low levels ". Also now the original three weeks have changed into many months to stop the leak. There is no statement what caused the leak and what is the status of the nuclear accident. New test results reveal that the air filter "my have not been working". The gov is busted for lying the leak! CEMRC Ambient Air Sampling Results (pdf), Feb. 27, 2014: 109 Yards NW of WIPP Exhaust Shaft — Sample time Feb. 11-18 Pu239+240: 0.115 Bq per sample [39 times the highest activity ever detected since testing began in 1997, which was 0.004 Bq per sample] Pu238: 0.004 Bq per sample [Never detected since testing began in 1997] Am241: 1.3 Bq per sample [2600 times the highest activity ever detected since testing began in 1997, which was 0.0005 Bq per sample]"CEMRC director Russell Hardy discussed the normal levels during the resident meeting earlier this week in Carlsbad: “I just want to reiterate, normally we do see ‘0’. For my radio-chemists, ‘0’ is not good enough. I don’t know how they balance a check book, because they don’t stop until they get to eight zeroes past the decimal point — that’s normally what we see.”This means a normal reading is at most 0.000000009 Bq per sample — making the recent Pu239+240 sample equal to 12,777,778 times higher than normal, and the Am241 sample 144,444,444 times normal levels." Corporate media states, that these facts "spark conspiracy theories." I just wonder, what really here is a conspiracy when the gov is busted for lying all the time? It really isnt a big secret anymore, what game they play. 1.3. comes out new info, these quotes are surprisingly from corporate media which now seems to be taking this issue into publicity: "Investigators now admit that the problem is serious […] a container of radioactive waste leaked underground at the WIPP [...] they admit it’s too soon to tell how dangerous it could be for those exposed. […] A piece of salt is believed to have fallen from a cavern ceiling and crushed drums of waste [...] the most likely scenario is that a huge chunk of salt fell from the ceiling and ruptured a drum or multiple drums of waste. [...] Nobody knows exactly what happened. That’s one of the strange things about this [...] Unfortunately, nobody can go underground to find out what’s happened. [...] plutonium and americium, which if lodged in the body bombards internal organs with subatomic particles for the rest of the person’s lifetime." Also the gov is now "re-analyzing" the samples. I think they are just playing time. Soon they will say "they are very sorry" like TEPCO when their measurements were "acidentally" ten or hundred folds wrong.

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Also now it is instead "no danger" of this: "the department is not 100 percent certain, but is pretty sure the surrounding population centers are safe."

Pretty sure? They say their priority is to protect the peope. Then why they dont tell people to stay indoors when its confirmed that plutonium is leaking out of the facility? Instead, they are only protecting the industry and lying!

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