War with Russia?

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Ucranium hurts then Crymeariver!



 That was just a simple wordplay action on Crimea and Ukraine. What you are about to read is what the larger media outlets won’t tell you. Why does the US actually care about a country of little to no significance to us? Maybe because people like Zbigniew Brzezinski (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zbigniew_Brzezinski) from Warsaw Poland no less would love to see the remnants of the old Soviet Empire fall one by one (Progressively) to the European Union. Or the greater IMF the US is desperate to keep USD hegemony in place. Not for the same reasons that I hope you embrace though. You see it is the weapon of global destruction. The USD’s place in the world has brought both great prosperity and great poverty.

 A little history here on the petrodollar how about that? I bet you thought it was strong because of the American work ethic! Maybe our great education system! Don’t worry Common core will fix the education system. But I digress. I believe every war since the Bosnian conflict has been over IMF hegemony. We have been encircling Russia and China and their “buddies” for a long time. If we could only get them to surrender their nukes it would all be over! Let me tell you how this ends. One of two ways I hope. The other is thermonuclear war.

#1.The whole world bows to the USD and then a new currency is born “levelling” the playing field.

#2. The USD and European currencies collapse. A catastrophic depression and war follow close after that. You see someone will have to be blamed other than the Politicians and bankers. They can never be wrong.



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Nobody wants a Global Thermal nuclear war, and if we pick a fight with Putin thats the end result. I really don't think anyone wants that, so for the msot part it will just be posturing and sanctions like Russia dumping the dollar and vise versa. We go around the world policing it and setting up bases everywhere. I wonder how people here in America and the Government would view other contries setting up bases in our country.

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